Welcome to Lemang Aviation Support


Through determination, energy and devotion to always satisfying the needs of its customers, Lemang has attracted leading contractors on an international scale and established long-term agreements with major partners in the aircraft services & maintenance industry.


Lemang aspires for excellence in services offered to its partners, placing the development of new skills and capabilities on the use of new technologies and processes at the heart of the company strategy.


We at Lemang focus on doing what we know and doing it BEST. Sometimes this means being selective in the choice of services we provide and the partners we represent. In remaining a small-sized company, our perseverance and strong international relationships have been a pivotal force in our progress since the establishment of the new company Lemang Aviation Support in 2010.



Managing Director Sales & Marketing



Behind  the company name and logo


Our company name and new logo enhance our vision of business. Together, these two aspects symbolise the driving force behind what Lemang aspires to achieve through its mission as well as the values  we have chosen to promote through our service

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«  Our combined experience and capabilities ensure hard-working and cost-effective solutions for our clients»