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In the early 1980s, David Kandulu assumed administration functions, and attained considerable experience from a solid company “TRANSRONIC (PTY) LTD” in Pretoria, South Africa; that engaged in the design, manufacturing, supply and maintenance of an extensive line of VHF/FM and HFSSB Two-Way Radio Communications equipment in the Republic of South Africa. He also acquired intensive training as an overseas creditor Cost Accountant; executed his assigned duties with diligence. During this period David Kandulu studied through London University, and later UNISA.


Providing network centric:


  • Several large and complex communication systems have been executed on a turn key basis for both the Government and Private Sector.


  • The company had considerable experience with the design and installation of large area coverage communication networks, offering turnkey package solutions on all communication requirements including all support i.e. installations and maintenance on an exchange basis throughout the Republic of South Africa and Namibia (then SWA).


  • The company had several well-known brands of Radio communications equipment either on an exclusive basis or as manufacturing agreement with the following companies and organizations:


–       AEROTRON INC; Raleigh, North Carolina USA: an American which was part of the Siemens Group of companies


–       BOSCH ELEKTRONIK – of West Germany, and


–       BROWN BOVERI (BBC) of Switzerland.


  • We also represented a number of companies who manufactured specialized optional accessories, which provided greater operator mode of operation and flexibility to standard Radio Communications Systems.


  • We covered the entire authorized RSA land mobile UHF and VHF frequency spectrum, as well as most frequency bands used for military, telemetry, and navigation communications. In essence, our equipment covered the 2 MHz to 960 MHz frequency spectrums.


  • Several alternatives in equipment type and system configurations could be supplied to offer a selection that will enable the system to be tailored to client’s specific requirements. The mobile Radio Industry was governed by standards issued by the South African Post Office. It was important to note that at the time of installation, the company shall ensure that your system is in full compliance with all relevant regulations.


Large and Complex Communication Systems to Government and Private Sector included the following:


  • MAGNAVOX Advance Products and Systems Company; Torrance, CA USA- (One of the largest defence contractors) – supplying: MX 4102 SAT NAV VEHICLE, LAND / MARINE & SURVEY Systems; premier and airborne Radar and Electronic Systems provider and Technical information on Navigation – Track, Land Navigation System.


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  • SOUTHERN AVIONICS, Beaumont TX USA: supplier of Aircraft Ground Radio Beacon Transmitters.


  • EDO Corporation Western Division, Salt Lake City, Utah USA: supplier of 435E Doppler / 665 Display System with serial output consisting of 435 NAVTRAK Control Unit c/w accessories; Transducer Model 6235 c/w related components.


  • ALDEN INTERNATIONAL, Brockton Mass USA: supplier of Alden 1800 four –speed Automatic Facsimile Weather Chart Recorder Compact – Lightweight.


  • SCINTREX Concord Ontario CANADA: supplier of Complete Geophysical Instrumentation and Services. “Lacoste & Romberg” Gravity meter and Differential single channel Gamma Analyzer.


  • REACH ELECTRONICS INC, TX USA: supplier of Paging-Systems services equipment.


  • WAKO SANSHO CO LTD TOKYO JPN: supplier of V880L Portable Radio Transmitters c/w accessories.


  • NEC CORPORATION, Minato-ku TOKYO JPN: supplier of the Information Display Pager, the same fountainhead of computer and communications technology that has provided countless innovations in computers, data terminals and other information-moving equipment.

And from the same company that has become the industry standard for pagers that stay on the job, day after day, year after year.





Incorporating capabilities by:


  • Signing agreements in partnerships with selected overseas suppliers,
  •  Strengthened links with principals by regular visits to the following:




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PARIS MILITARY AIR SHOW > Le Bourget Paris, France







HELI-EXPO 2010 > Houston, Texas USA




SADF / AMDSA MILITARY SHOW > Cape Town South Africa


DRIESSEN – OEM – (THAILAND) LTD, facilities > Banglee Industrial BKK and Lamphun 51000, THAILAND.