Over the past 2 years, Lemang has partnered with several airline agencies as their general sales agents, representing and marketing their brands on an international level. These partnerships continue to be regularly recognized and rewarded for exemplary performance.







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Driessen is part of Zodiac Aerospace, a stocklisted company in the aviation industry with 80 production sites and more than 20,000 dedicated employees around the globe. Zodiac Aerospace offers a variety of products and services for Cabin Interiors, Aircraft Systems, Aerosafety & Technology, and is world market leader in all its activities.

Driessen specializes in designing, manufacturing, and marketing high quality galleys, galley equipment and cargo equipment. Driessen serves virtually all the world’s airlines and airframe manufacturers. It has realized sound world market leadership by providing its customers products and services of the highest quality





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Maintenance and repair of aircraft components

Founded in 1992, Air Support has become an authority in the field of Aircraft Component MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul).

Certified by EASA and FAA, their facilities are based in Toulouse, France, providing airline, aircraft and engine manufacturers and MRO’s  with an excellent level of service.

Expertise: maintenance of a large variety of components under long-term contracts as well as on an ad-hoc basis, installed in different types of aircraft.

Repair workshops, located in the immediate vicinity of the Toulouse-Blagnac International Airport, include:

  • An electrical/electronic laboratory, dedicated to lighting systems and galley inserts
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic workshops, dedicated to fluid systems: environmental control systems, landing gear and braking systems, engine controls and accessories
  • An “interior” workshop, deali,g with high occurrence items of simple design, such as ballasts, toilet pumps, seat actuators, etc.
  • A sensor test laboratory, equipped with sophisticated testing equipment, aimed at simulating harsh environmental conditions.





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Spectrolab, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company, is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-efficiency multijunction space solar cells and panels currently providing power to hundreds of satellite and interplanetary spacecraft, and terrestrial concentrator solar cells for the emerging alternative energy market. Spectrolab’s product portfolio includes these world class semi-conductor products, as well as, photodetectors and sensors, solar simulators and airborne searchlight systems for military, maritime, and search and rescue operations.

Products include:

  • Space solar cells, CICS, and panels
  • Concentrator solar cells and cell assemblies
  • Pulsed and steady state solar simulators
  • Opt oelectronic Sensors






Stellar Travel Supplies B.V. are factory representatives specializing in quality products for passenger care (Catering, Cabin, Comfort and Amenity Items) and specialize in creative, cost saving solutions.
In addition we can design new tray settings, do follow up of projects and world wide sourcing.
Logistically we are well supported and have a wide range of experts available within our team of partners.

Our Mission

Travel Is a very complicated and highly competitive business that requires constant adjustment and flexibility to keep that competitive edge and thus keep our valued customer satisfied so your passenger will return… again and again.

A simple statement but with far reaching consequences for everybody who is involved in passenger care, be it in airlines, ferry/cruise boats, trains and or busses.

We, from Stellar Travel Supplies recognize this. We offer you extra service combined with maximum flexibility with a minimum of costs and logistically well supported.

We have a COMPLETE range of quality products for passenger care, aviation approved, for Catering, Cabin, Comfort and Amenity kits.







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Callington is a specialty chemical manufacturer for global aviation, industrial manufacturing and maintenance markets. Callington specialises in the development, manufacture and marketing of innovative, specialty chemical solutions to the aviation, metalworking, welding & metal treatment, industrial, fuel additive and non-destructive testing industries.

Callington operates in Australia, the USA, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, New Zealand and South America, providing unique, specialty chemical product solutions to the world’s leading international airlines and a diverse range of reputable industrial companies around the globe.

Their dedicated & experienced personnel, approved & accredited products and service solutions, their on-going investment in research and development initiatives, and long history of sustainable business growth, both domestically and internationally, demonstrate trusted assurance of their intention in continuing to develop mutually beneficial partnerships with their valued customers.

Callington has the international experience, technical credibility, modern facilities and extensive resources to continue to deliver superior, specialty chemical product and service solutions.