Products : Galley Inserts namely

  • Bar Trolleys (Full size & Half size)
  • Meal Trolleys (FS & HS)
  • Duty free Trolleys (FS)
  • Hot Cups
  • Oven Inserts
  • Meal Bins (Containers)
  • Hot Jugs
  • Aluminium and Universal plastic drawers
  • Vario System (plastic) Drawers


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Capabilities : MRO (Maintenance, Repairs & Overhaul of Aircraft components)

  • Electrical Components: lighting systems, galley inserts
  • Fluid (hydraulic & mechanical): shock absorber, distribution valves & manifolds, brake valves, MLG/NLG actuators, compressor, door-lock and more…..
  • Engine components: CFM56 and CF6


Cabin Interiors Management :

  • Seats: sales of second-hand ship-set, refurbishment, sales of spare parts.
  • Cabin modification
  • Spares management and more…….


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SPECTROLAB, INC. is manufacturer (OEM) of and sole source for the SX-5 Starburst, SX-16 Nightsun®, SpectroLink and Nightsun®XP Searchlight Systems. FAA Approved Repair Station L9SR877X.


Products : Illumination Products and Related Components

  • SX-16 NIGHTSUN® Searchlight Systems.
  • SX-5 STARBURST Systems.
  • NIGHTSUN XP Systems.
  • SPECTROLINK Systems.


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Stellar Travel Supplies BV NL 

Stellar Travel Supplies B.V. are factory representatives specializing in quality products for passenger care (Catering, Cabin, Comfort and Amenity Items) and specialize in creative, cost saving solutions.
In addition we can design new tray settings, do follow up of projects and world wide sourcing.
Logistically we are well supported and have a wide range of experts available within our team of partners.

stellar travel

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Products : Aerospace Insecticides & Inflight Products


Callington Haven manufactures and distributes a range of aviation inflight products to over 100 airlines around the world including aircraft disinsection and hygiene products. Their products are specifically designed to ensure compliance with aviation standards, while maintaining high performance and cost efficiency


Their range includes World Health Organisation and Australian/New Zealand Quarantine approved aircraft insecticides and aircraft disinfection sprays, air fresheners and disinfectants, as well as a range of personal care and speciality cleaning products.


Many of the products have been tested to comply with Boeing and Airbus standards and are available from a number of distribution points globally.


Aircraft Insecticides

  • Cargo hold insecticide
  • Pre-embarkation aircraft insecticide
  • Aircraft insecticide for use in aircraft cabins
  • Convenient 40g aircraft insecticide
  • Residual aircraft insecticide
  • UV residual insecticide with UV tracer

Aircraft Inflight

  • 3 in 1 air-freshener, cleaner and disinfectant
  • Disinfectant, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Static and Refresher Wipes
  • Aircraft Air Freshener Gel
  • Aircraft Deodorant Disc
  • Anti-Bacterial & Moisturising Hand Soap
  • Airline Flight Crew Clean Up Kits
  • Aircraft interior cleaner spray & wipe
  • Antibacterial hand gel
  • Approved gold cleaner